is pleased to render the Premium Services (“Service” or “Services”) according to this Service description.

To use this website and its services, a user must be 18 years old or above, and by utilizing this website and services, you guarantee that you are at least 18 years old. For the resolution of any disputes, this agreement requires arbitration on an individual basis instead of class or jury actions. You also agree to accede to all the service terms described here in this document and if you do not comply with any of the terms mentioned here, you should not use this website.

Service: Our services (“The Services”) are provided remotely which consists of telephonic conversation, email as well as remote assistance through a technical agent by acquiring the control of users’ computer after their consent and permission. Our tech agents always obtain remote access to your computer, printer, or other device by taking full consent from you. In addition, our agents may require access of files, photos, or documents on your device, but they will not access such contents without your prior consent. In order to obtain uninterrupted services from, you should make sure that you have stable Internet connection before connecting with us.

The service excludes the following elements:

  • Support for applications, software, operating system, or hardware which are not Windows-based.
  • Replacement of parts and/or labor for peripherals and hardware components.
  • On-site or at-home services.
  • Assistance for software compatibility issues with operating system or software/system configuration issues.
  • Editing or creation of databases.
  • Support for devices or computers that are controlled by external administrators.
  • To obtain access to corporate systems, email, or data.
  • Video editing.
  • Modification of live data.
  • Creating illegal copies of software.
  • Creating DVDs of copyright-protected materials like movies and TV programs.
  • Setup and installation of dual boot OS system utility.
  • Support for commercial grade printers.
  • “Hack or Crack” secure files or data.
  • Supporting or helping any action that considered to be illegal or unsuitable by site in its discretion.
  • Assistance in case when your computer system does not have the necessary elements as required by the installed software. cannot be held responsible or accountable for the following:

  • Any file damage, loss, or corruption of data in any form or manner.
  • Provided new updates for software or apps not including the device driver software recommended by site.
  • Replacement of any hardware.
  • Help for Supported Products that are the earlier versions of existing version (assistance for previous versions is provided on commercially reasonable basis).
  • Assistance for freeware or shareware.
  • Remote or on-sire training services.
  • Web development, database design, programming, or scripting.
  • Product activation keys.
  • Recovery of damaged, infected, or lost programs or data.
  • Assistance because of any physical damage, hacking, or viruses.
  • Activities which are not expressed or described in the Service Description.

Obtaining Support: Customers can either call up a technician or arrange for a call back from our technicians at a particular time. Clients will require to provide the technician with the email address associated with their account. In addition, they also need to provide information about relevant hardware or software brands, model, or version number, etc. To obtain support, customers are required to confirm the following: 1) they have complete access to the device or computer they want to work on; 2) have a copy of essential data or software; 3) they agree to obtain the service. In some cases, the service may be provided by a third-party on our behalf.

Availability of service: makes every effort to make the service available 24×7 for customers. However, in some cases, the service may not be available.

Third-party apps/software: While resolving issues if a customer and a technician find it useful to install a software for a particular job, the customer will have to agree with the license agreement of such software. And only the customer will be responsible for the utilization or any charges of such software.

Removal of spyware/virus: While using the service, customer accept and agree that any removal or alteration of virus or spyware programs may affect the performance of computer or device. In addition, modification or removal of such software may be restricted by their licenses, it is up to customers to examine the license and ensure that methods used during the service have no effect on their licenses or if they do, the effect on license or system performance will be acceptable to customers.

 Necessary account details: Customers are advised and recommended to keep secure any login/account information provided by and it will not be responsible for any unauthorized utilization of such accounts or details. Any accounts can be terminated if suspects of unauthorized or illicit use.

 Copying of files: has no right or legal authority to replicate or copy any type of copyrighted content without the permission of the concerned party. In this regard, customers guarantee or acknowledge that they have the copyright or own a valid license to produce authorized copies of all or certain files on their PC, and there no content on customers’ PC that may cause to infringe the copyright law.

Backup of necessary data: Customers are advised to make a proper backup of all necessary data or documents before proceeding to resolve the issues. They should make sure that all important files, software, photos, or other documents are in backup before heading to obtain the service. will not be responsible for any data loss, damage, or corruption.

Termination: Once you purchase the software or service, the service agreement is activated at the same time and continues until: 1) canceled by the customer; 2) have expired; 3) sends a notice to terminate the service; 4) non-payment of dues; or 5) in case of any violation or breach of any kind of terms or conditions mentioned in this document. After the termination of the service, all the rights or privileges granted to your regarding the service stands canceled.

Refunds and Returns: If a customer has still not activated account, the customer is liable for a full refund which he/she reimburse within 30 days of purchasing the service. But after activation of the service, no refund can be availed.

 Content: Any data or content or account you share, transmit, view, or restore through the service will be your responsibility (including the backup service, if attained with the contract).

 You also agree to the following:


  • Make any kind of web links that may cause redirections to one or more part of your account.
  • Tempering with the network or servers corresponding to the service. site does not retain any kind of content of customer’s PC and does not accept any obligation to monitor or review contents for any reason.

Cooperation with legal authorities: Our professionals/agents may deny help with any sort of objectionable, unlawful, aggressive, sexually explicit, hateful, and extra violent content. In case considers or finds any content which seems to breach relevant laws including and not limited to child pornography or human trafficking laws, such information may be provided to government or other legal authorities for identifying the guilty, for which you give your full consent.