Here in this privacy policy, we have provided complete information about our practices and procedures pertaining to an individual’s privacy who visits our site or utilizes our service. To use this website, individuals must have attained an age of at least 18 years and by utilizing this site you warrant that your age is at least 18 years.


Terms like ‘Yours’ and You’ refer to an individual or customer and terms such as ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Our’ are pertaining to the governing body.

Application website’s motto is to provide best online solutions to different problems or queries that users might have while using their services. Individuals who try to resolve their issues using our services may need to create a user profile on our portal and for this they may require providing some information.

The prime objective for presenting this privacy policy document is to make you aware that we understand your privacy concern. Thus, we want to ensure you that your details are maintained and utilized with utter responsibility.

All the individuals or customers who visit our site are bound with this privacy policy. We also want to assure you that any information collected from you will never be processed in any other manner which is not mentioned in this document or for which you have not authorized.

Gathering personal data

Some information is gathered by through electronic communication media. And we respect the privacy of our users, so we are committed to protect the information you shared with us. The information that we collect from our users or customers are mentioned in this document. Hence, users are recommended not to supply any additional details which are not asked by us.

What are the means of collecting personal information?

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is the information pertaining to an identified user, individual or customer who directly or indirectly are identifiable through identification number or economic, psychological, and physical factors.

  • site gathers information related to the web pages that users or individuals browse on our website which help us ascertain which kind of pages are being searched or visited the most on our site. In addition, this information is also utilized for enhancing the quality of our service by delivering the content, services, features, and products preferred by them.
  • We gather information about browser version, device IP address, domain type, as well as service provider in order to ascertain your utilization of our site, for example, the time you last visited our site, etc.
  • Our website also collects information pertaining to users’ transactions and registration. The information you provide us while creating a new account or updating the existing one, or while buying any online service plans, or during request for details (like telephone number, email id or address), is maintained in the files on our internal system or the web server. This information is only used to provide the relevant service to you. Your sensitive information such as credit card details is kept secure while performing online transactions.
  • site never discloses your information including but not limited to email, address, credit card number to any one through any means such as email, website, voice, chat, testimonial or remote, server or remote support.
  • site never accesses or uses the personal data/info of users like browser history, photos, etc. on their PCs without a prior permission from the concerned user. The data collected by us include the following details:

Memory configuration, BIOS, Video, CPU, and other system information.

Information regarding the disk drives and hardware installed on the computer.

Web browser type and version, Windows version, IP address and system name.

Disk space on the computer and other info.

Type of software running at the time of testing the device.

Cookies make use of cookies in order to optimize the web experience of the users and make it more responsive to deliver tailored user experience. Cookies are just a small piece of information and it is utilized to identify individuals on website. Similarly, on, it is utilized to track pages visited and contents clicked by users. In addition, it is also used for recording the information about users’ support requests, which provides the details on previous visits and experience of the users.

How do we disclose users’ information? may reveal your information only if it is required by the law. However, your information is never sold, leased, or traded by us. In addition, this information can be utilized by our affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, and/or vendors in order to use it for website data analysis, to monitor website activity, process payments, as well as to conduct surveys. In case users’ information is shared with such third-parties, we want to assure them that their information will not be utilized for any other purposes as described in this document as well as not shared with others. Nevertheless, your information is never shared with any unauthorized third-party.

Key components of’s Privacy Policy 

  • Your information may be transferred or shared with an authorized third-party ensuring that this information will be kept protected. Also, the information may be shared at the time of merger, separation of business, sale, or acquisition of the company.
  • site also provides users with an option to correct or delete their information if it’s not accurate if it will not risk the privacy of individuals.
  • site collects information only for the purposes for which it is to be used and takes all reasonable measures to ensure that it is precise, complete, authentic and up to date.
  • Our website uses advance methods of data protection; hence we take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is secure from alteration, misuse, destruction or loss. Also, if necessary, we may demand from third-parties to use the similar measures to protect the personal data.
  • Our website has no intention to gather information from children who have not attained age of 18 years. No information is collected from individuals who are below 18.
  • On this site, users may find several links or content that correspond to third-parties. site does not control such links or content and thus disregard any kind of responsibility for these types of third-party contents and concerning privacy practices. Because these contents are not governed by, users are advised to go through the concerning privacy policy of such contents before clicking or following such links or contents. Links or brands that you find on are not owned or governed by us. You are recommended to review the privacy policy of such brand websites before using them and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage as they are beyond the control of
  • On a regular basis, we review our privacy policy and as and when required add, remove, or alter any elements in this document regarding the privacy policy. If any element is accurate, covers intention and is in compliance with the applicable laws, it is altered accordingly. Users have complete rights to object about their privacy and ask for details to remove their concerns. In this regard, they can freely contact us as per the contact information given in the Contact us section. We will provide complete and quick resolutions of such issues.

Modifications in the Privacy Policy has rights to alter or modify any terms in this privacy policy anytime without the prior notice. However, users will be notified about any changes made to the privacy policy through a message on this website. Once posted, all the changes will be in effective from the same time. Therefore, users should periodically check our site for any privacy policy updates.