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As business grows in size, it calls for a better inventory management as well as efficient fleet administration. Not only does a systematic inventory and fleet management is required for the smooth functioning of the business, but also it is crucial from the perspective of a company’s costs. Therefore, tracking devices “Nuvi” are the real life-saver for businesses.

Garmin tracking devices render complete solutions to tracking problems. They not only provide better management of essential business activities, but also help in reducing costs due by bringing efficiency in work. Further, location tracking devices are the key components of tracking activities that are designed to facilitate business units to easily track vehicles, places, humans, etc.

These kinds of tracking services not only aid in controlling supply chain by knowing the exact location of every piece of inventory but also help save lot of money by not losing any assets in transit. In fact, for companies like retailers, such services are a boon when it comes to track their inventory across broader areas like countries or provinces. Besides being suitable for larger areas, it is also efficient for smaller areas like warehouses or stores. Let’s discuss in detail the scope of location tracking with Garmin Nuvi .

Broad-Area Tracking Service

With broad-area tracking services, companies are capable of tracking vehicles (Car Maps) or fleet at a large scale that extends to country, states, and even the world. For this, tracking devices are the real solutions as they offer tracking facilities. And global positioning system is an ideal technology which offers advanced tracking solutions for worldwide operations. However, this technology relies on the global positioning receiver that receives and transmits the information about the location of an object on the earth.

Local-Area or Indoor Tracking Service

Although, global positioning system is the technology to track objects at a very large scale, it is not suitable and cost-effective for a short-distance tracking service. For example, it is not efficient for tracking objects at a very small scale like hospital or warehouse. In hospitals, there can be several objects such as wheelchairs, medical equipment, gurneys and even patients, and tracking them with global positioning system technology will be inefficient and costly.

In that case, healthcare organizations may utilize technology like RFID tags and readers in order to monitor their inventory and assets. Even a wireless LAN network would be best for this task.

Technological enhancements provided us several means of location tracking. While we have a large array of location-tracking services, the below-mentioned technologies are popular among them:

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology

RFID is a widely-used technology which is working in several fields. In this technology, tracking is done through radio signals which is transmitted through an antenna included in RFID tags. Plus, it comes with a small chip which keeps the broadcast information.

Global Positioning System

It is suitable for tracking objects on a large scale such as country or provinces. With this technology, it is quite simple to locate different vehicles or a complete fleet of vehicles. Devices that work on this technology are equipped with a GPS receiver which enables the device to ascertain its approximate position as well as offer method for transmitting that information.


Geofencing relies on another tracking technologies such as global position system or RFID. Geofencing is an enhanced version of such technologies which provides a simple and effective way for location tracking. In this technology, besides transmitting regular location data, the tracker utilizes a built-in receiver to track its existing location. And it is based on the global positioning or proximity to a radio scanner.

Internet Tracking

Internet tracking service is another useful technology that assist in tracking phones, laptops, and other portable devices. Even many portable computer devices today offer such options in the system BIOS. And after the activation of tracking feature, users shall be able to track the device once connected to the Internet. So, the device transmits different kinds of information including IP information, wireless data for geographic triangulation, and some programs.